Misophonia International Magazine

Misophonia International Magazine and News site is the product of a conversation between two people who met on Misophonia Facebook support groups, Jennifer Jo-Brout, PsyD and Shaylynn Hayes (writer, graphic designer and student).

Frustrated by the difficulty following the numerous threads across all the FB groups, and observing that great ideas and conversations often were lost mid-stream, Jennifer posed a question to Shaylynn…

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was one organized place that everybody with Misophonia could come to get up-to-date information on misophonia research? Shaylynn Hayes responded. “Yes it would. It would also be great if people shared their stories, coping strategies, and advocacy ideas”.

The following day (approximately a month ago) Shaylynn sent a template for the site and magazine to Jennifer. Today, with the help of amazing volunteers and researchers/professionals who donated their time, we are proud to present our news site which features up-to-date Misophonia research news, as well as stories and posts regarding awareness, advocacy, coping and more. Please check back frequently, and follow us on social media for links to continual updates.

Although the news site contains a great deal of information we greatly encourage you to download the The Misophonia magazine. We are offering it at very modest introductory price of $2.25 so that it is accessible to everyone, and so that you can place the magazine, or specific articles, in schools and in doctor’s waiting rooms (or wherever you feel might be helpful). Since this magazine is just starting out, we are only offering it in e-format at the moment. However, you may feel free to print out individual articles, or the magazine in its entirety to offer to friends, colleagues, or family. We hope to grow the magazine eventually so that we may be able to pay our volunteers and continue to get information out about Misophonia to the world!

Download Information:

Misophonia Magazine is available for download, and is offered through ebook issues. You can buy the magazine directly through this site, or through carriers such as amazon. Purchasing through our website allows you to access the book through any device you wish to put it on and receive a significant discount.

Volunteer/Writer Contact Info:

Anyone who is interested in writing for the magazine, or volunteering, please contact us at misophoniamagazine@yahoo.com

Looking for:

Proof readers and Editors
Individuals wiling to write book reviews
Audiologists, Psychologists, Neuroscientists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, etc. (or students of related disciplines) who are able to review research articles, and books about Misophonia and related conditions/basic science
Submissions and ideas for Personal and Inspiring Stories
Please add the Subject “Volunteer” so it will be easily identified.

JennAbout Jennifer
Jennifer Jo-Brout is a school/clinical psychologist and the mother of adult triplets. Dissatisfied with the treatment she was able to get for her own child who suffered with “auditory over-responsivity” in the mid 1990’s, Dr. Jo-Brout has spent almost two decades designing and implementing research programs, studying Misophonia before it had it’s name, and advocating for children and young adults with this disorder. Dr. Jennifer Jo-Brout is the founder of the Sensory Processing and Emotion Regulation Program at Duke University, The Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome Program at Fordham University, and the Director of The International Misophonia Research Network (affiliated with SENetwork). She is on the Scientific Workgroup of the SPD Foundation, and is a misophonia sufferer herself.

shaylynnAbout Shaylynn
Shaylynn Hayes has an honours diploma in design (web, print, graphic) and is currently a student at St. Thomas University, where she studies English, Irish Studies, and Political Science. She is the founder of Misophonia Awareness, and has become an advocate for Misophonia due to her own struggle with the disorder. Unhappy with the current state of information, Shaylynn wrote her own book on her and other suffers’ experience with Misophonia, and this led her to meet Dr. Jennifer Jo-Brout, who she is now happily working alongside. Aside from her non-fiction and Misophonia endeavours, Shaylynn is a writer who hopes to continue a career in writing novels, as well as publishing others’ books.