Mercede Erfanian

Mercede Erfanian

Mercede Erfanian is a neuroscientist (with background of clinical psychology BSc and MSc and neuroscience MSc) with particular focus on affective disorders. Her research concerns understanding brain mechanisms in patients with mood and anxiety disorders. At the moment her research focus is fully on Misophonia, its brain mechanism, cognitive and emotional characteristics and co-morbidity with other affective disorders. She has published many scientific papers and is the winner of several international prizes (e.g. Herman Westenberg Prize) and grants (e.g. IBRO-FENS grant).

Some of her publications on Misophonia:

  • Rouw, R., & Erfanian, M. (2017). A Large‐Scale Study of Misophonia.Journal of Clinical Psychology.
  • Erfanian, M., Brout, J. J., & Keshavarz, A. (2017). Misophonia and affective disorders: The relationship and clinical perspective. European Psychiatry41, S471.
  • Brout, J. J., Edelstein, M. Erfanian, M., Kumar, S., Mannino, M., Miller, L. J., … & Rosenthal, M. Z. (2017). Investigating misophonia: A review of the literature, clinical implications and research agenda reflecting current neuroscience and emotion research perspectives.Frontiers of Human Neuroscience41, S681 (In review)



2015 Good Clinical Practice workshop (GCP)- European Collage of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP)

2013 Junior Researcher Grant- University of Maastricht

2012 Junior Researcher Grant- University of Maastricht


2014- Present Emotional and Cognitive Characteristics of Misophonia ( Amsterdam University)

2014 Synesthesia in Bipolar and Schizophrenic Patients: A Comparative Study of its Relationship with Abstract Thinking ( Azad University of Birjand)

2013 A comparative study in efficacy of group cognitive behavioral therapy and group hypnotherapy on Depression ( Azad University of Torbat e jam)

2012 Childhood trauma as risk factor of Major depression in Psoriatic patients ( Maastricht University)

2010The effect of cognitive behavioral intervention on job stress and quality of life of nurses ( Azad University of Torbat e jam)


Insurance Representative and psychotherapist

United Nation High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) 2011

Responsibilities: observed and assisted with individual child and adolescent therapy, including testing, diagnosis, and care presentation

Clinical Psychologist

Kian Addiction Treatment Clinic 2006-2012

Responsibilities: Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Behavioral therapy for Anxiety, Mood, Personality and Behavior disorder that usually were

caused by drug abuse or as withdrawal symptoms and for patients with Social and interpersonal issues in group and individual fashions.

Please watch Mercede’s presentation “Emotional and Cognitive Characteristics of Misophonia” (below):

A visual representation


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