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The International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN).

Coping Skills Class For Parents

This Beta class is a 1 time discounted version of the Regulate, Reason, Reassure coping classes which we will be running regularly. This class provides an accessible way to learn the basics of coping with misophonia and is a comprehensive coping skills approach designed for parents to use with their children and teens. This beta class is…
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Misophonia Study Recruitment at Baylor College of Medicine

Participants sought to complete misophonia treatment strategy survey Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine are conducting a study to understand perceptions and preferences for various treatment approaches that could be applied to helping individuals with misophonia. Misophonia is a condition in which exposure to certain noises, such as others’ breathing, chewing, and speech cause significant…
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Ongoing Research at Duke CMER

The information on this page is provided by Duke CMER. The original page can be found here. Phenotyping Study of Misophonia Very little is known about the nature of Misophonia, or its causes and correlates, compared to other known clinical phenomena. This means that we truly don’t know the boundaries around what Misophonia is, and…
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