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The International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN).

On behalf of the International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN) and Misophonia International, MisophoniaAwareness promotes these following researchers, and hopes that you will too. Through your generous donations these programs will be able to further move-along and facilitate research that is influenced by our challenging, lesser-known disorder. When we work together and back researchers we are taking the initiative to hold our futures in our own hands. It’s exciting to be able to control our own research and be able to choose to seek answers.

Duke University

Donate directly to Duke University fund here

NYU LeDoux Lab

Donate directly to NYU Ledoux Lab fund here

Stephen Porges (The Polyvagal Theory)

Donate directly to the Kinsey Institute

(Be sure to select “Kinsey Institute Research Fund” from the drop down list)

Want to help on a larger scale? Why not start a local fundraiser! Here’s a comprehensive list of fun and interesting ideas.

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