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The International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN).

IMRN does not accept donations for research. We are a network of individuals and families who suffer from misophonia and who wish to work closely with esteemed academic researchers who we believe will help us achieve our goals. Currently we have four programs set up. To view our programs please click here.

Please note: we raise funds for our researchers.  Therefore, donations go directly to their universities or institutions (which are all non-profit or charitable institutions).  We do not take any money for research, and will direct you toward ways that you can either donate or help raise funds for research that you feel is important. We hope that you will help the researchers help us any way that you can.

To read about ways you can help please click here.

To read about why “This is Up to Us” please click here.

To contact us directly for more information please click here.


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