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The International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN).

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The Sensory Processing Institute of Research and Learning – or SPIRAL – Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by Dr. Jane Koomar and Anne Trecker, and our for-profit sister organization OTA the Koomar Center, then known as Occupational Therapy Associates – Watertown, P.C. Our mission, as it was then, is to conduct research and provide professional and community education about sensory integration and sensory processing dysfunction. Today, the Spiral Foundation is headed by executive director Dr. Teresa May-Benson. We serve national and international audiences by providing resources for therapists and other professionals who work with individuals with sensory processing difficulties, as well as adults and children living with sensory dysfunction and their families. By conducting and disseminating current research and providing educational programs in a variety of on and offline formats we strive to improve the lives and well-being of individuals with difficulties processing and integrating sensory information across the globe.

The Spiral Foundation Sensory Processing Research Center and Laboratory promotes multi-disciplinary partnerships by forging relationships with nationally known researchers and leaders in the field of sensory processing and related disciplines. To ensure the ethical treatment of persons enrolled in studies all research is approved by the Spiral Foundation Institutional Review Board. Research findings are disseminated via the Spiral Foundation website, conference presentations, and peer-reviewed publications.

The Spiral Foundation Community and Professional Education program strives to make information about sensory processing and sensory integration intervention as accessible as possible by providing free resources for individuals who have, or suspect they have, sensory processing dysfunctions and their families, and by offering professional continuing education opportunities in a variety of formats at competitive prices. Through collaboration with leading experts in the field of sensory integration and related disciplines, the Spiral Foundation assures that the quality of this information is among the very best.

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