Get the Research Going!

The International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN).

We all want to make progress in Misophonia research…crystal river

However, that is “easier said than done”.  Traditionally, funding for any disorder comes from the government. Here in the United States, our biggest grant-giving institute is the National Institute of Health (and it’s sub-division the National Institute of Mental Health).

We have a big problem, though…

The National Institute of Mental Health is operating on the same budget it had in 1987, and our greatest academic researchers are leaving our finest universities and research institutions.

Even if every researcher wanted to research Misophonia, and even if the NIMH wanted to fund such research, it is very unlikely that this will happen at this time.In order for Misophonia research to happen, we must initiate it.

This is a great opportunity for us!

For the first time,  we will have an opportunity to collaborate in ways never before possible.

We’re a big crowd! Through crowd-source funding and other fund raising methods, we can endorse the research we want and formulate our own standards.

This is what IMNR is about!

Misophonia research is in our hands


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